The Backpack Project

Back to school means new teachers, new lessons and new backpacks, however, some of Staten Island’s LGBTQ youth are not so lucky and Center staff have experienced times when we were asked if participants could borrow a stapler to fix their backpack or asked for a shopping bag to carry their books. The Pride Center of Staten Island believes our youth deserve to start off their year with a backpack filled with supplies like binders, notebooks, pencils, markers, rulers, and a flash drive.

The Pride Center of Staten Island believes that one of the factors between a successful student and a failing student is having basic supplies to do homework and participate in class. Binders, markers, glue, notebooks and other school necessities don't seem like they should cost much, but when you add it up, school supplies can top $100. By buying in bulk, the Center will be able to provide a backpack with supplies for $40.

Please consider making a donation to support the youth at the Pride Center of Staten Island to provide school supplies to those in need as well as enriching programming throughout the year in our youth drop-in activities after-school program.