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The very first David Bohnett CyberCenter opened its doors in 1998 at the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center. Technology entrepreneur and Foundation Chairman David Bohnett’s vision was to provide the local LGBT community with a “wired” hub through which its members could network, communicate, and explore educational, professional and recreational opportunities. The CyberCenter was an immediate hit, and served as the model for similar facilities throughout the United States.

There are now 61 David Bohnett CyberCenters funded nationwide, including locations in Atlanta, Tulsa, Orlando, Salt Lake City, Dallas, Tucson, Seattle, San Francisco, and NYC. They serve as prime examples of the Foundation’s commitment to making leading-edge technology available to the traditionally underserved LGBT demographic.

Imagine being without a computer — basic activities including job searches, applications for services, educational opportunities and email contact with family and friends would be nearly impossible. The David Bohnett CyberCenters fill that void by providing free computer access, Internet and learning opportunites. The CyberCenters are typically equipped with 5-10 computer stations loaded with a broad range of updated programs and software for business and personal computing. The CyberCenters also offer community education and training on best Internet practices, online security, and general computer usage.

For young people in the LGBT community who may find themselves without a support system, the CyberCenters are a safe and welcoming place where connections can be made on-site as well as online. For seniors who may have little or no familiarity with computers, the centers provide invaluable resources for and guidance on adjusting to new circumstances. In today’s increasingly Internet-driven world, the David Bohnett CyberCenters have proven to be a lifeline for many people of all ages.