Luv on a Leash Requirements

Companion animal candidates for Animal-Assisted Therapy must:

  • Be part of your family for at least six months before applying to this program

  • Be in good health  

  • Have an even disposition and a calm, tolerant temperament

  • Be able to handle a variety of environments and travel well in vehicles

  • Know basic obedience commands: sit, stay, down, heel, come and have good physical self-control

  • Possess good social skills with all types of people and other animals

  • Enjoy meeting new people and being handled by strangers

  • Be well groomed and flea-free

  • Be at least 12 months old

Companion animal candidates for Animal-Assisted Therapy must NOT:

  • Have any current injuries, aches or pains

  • Act aggressively towards humans or avoid human touch

  • Act aggressively towards animals

  • Bark or growl excessively

  • Fight with other dogs

  • Dislike loud noises

  • Chase cats/rabbits

  • Jump on furniture or people

  • Beg for food

  • Get car sick

  • Bite people

  • Have fleas

  • Eat a raw protein diet