HIV Prevention Services

Staten Island's exclusive meetup for Gay, Bi, and Trans* between ages 17-29.
We are a sex positive, HIV neutral, Trans Inclusive Group!
Come meet cute SI guys every Thursday from 6:00p - 8:00p
Open to all gay/bi men and Transwomen 17-29
Free Condoms and Lube!
Free Rapid HIV Testing!
Ask about our incentives!

**Pride U is an HIV Neutral space**
**Pride U is a Trans* Inclusive space**
**Pride U is YOUR SPACE**


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Upcoming Events:

HIV Counseling & Testing

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Pride U: MPowerment Staten Island:

Pride U is the Pride Center of Staten Island's program that caters exclusively to young gay/bisexual men and transwomen ages 17-29. We offer a few groups for you to get comfortable with each other, make friends, talk about the important choices we make every day. and maybe even make some money.. We are a sex positive group that tea, Ki, and feel free to talk about sex, boy problems, apps, and STI's -Judgement Free. Learn about our groups below:

Pride U: Core Group

Every Tuesday at 6pm, the members of Pride U come together to plan the future of Pride U! Exchanging ideas, planning events, designing flyers, and outreaching to friends takes place in the two hour group, with free food thrown in! This group is for you to become comfortable with the other members of Pride U while still being a safe space, a no judgement zone, and a place where you can be you! Any and all ideas will be explored and we're always looking for ambassadors for our awesome programs! If you have any comments, questions, concerns, or criticisms, THIS is the group to voice them in! 

Pride U: Momentum:

A multi-session HIV/STI prevention-based educational group. Participants in Momentum interactively discuss what it means to be gay.bisexual/trans in the new era of hookup apps. Group members meet once a week and get to participate in interactive games and discussions revolving various topics ranging from relationship building,  community building, PrEP/PEP, proper condom usage, treatment as prevention (TasP), HIV testing, topping, bottoming, stigma, and more.

Momentum One-to-One (CRCS):

Individualized counseling services for young men and transgender individuals ages 15-29 providing assistance with education & job readiness, applying for public assistance, safer sex and risk reduction counseling, and referrals to HIV/STI testing and other medical and social services. Call (718) 808-1385 for more information/to schedule an intake. All counseling services provided are Free and Confidential.

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