Pride U Pride Center of Staten Island

Pride U: Staten Island's exclusive meetup for gay and bi guys as well as transwomen ages 17-29.

We are a sex positive, HIV neutral, Trans* Inclusive group

Come meet cute SI guys EVERY Tuesday from 3:30p-6:00p

Open to all gay and bi men as well as transwomen ages 17-29

Free Assorted Condoms and Lube Available

Free Rapid HIV Testing is Available (please call prior)

**Pride U is an HIV Neutral space**
**Pride U is a Trans* Inclusive space**
**Pride U is YOUR SPACE**

Pride U: MPowerment Staten Island:

An exclusive weekly meet up for young gay and bisexual men ages 17-29! Participants plan their own social events and gatherings with a special emphasis put on empowering each other as well as the community through spreading safe(r) sex messages & planning events. Pride U is an HIV neutral and Trans* Inclusive space.

Pride U: Unzipped:

Pride U’s once a month meet up for young gay and bisexual men ages 17-29! Participants get to participate in an interactive discussion that explores what it means to be gay and bisexual in the new era of hookup apps. Discussions explore various topics ranging from relationship building, how to meet other guys in the community, PrEP/PEP, proper condom usage, treatment as prevention (TasP), HIV testing and more.

Momentum One-to-One:

Individualized counseling services for young men and transgender individuals ages 15-29 providing assistance with education & job readiness, applying for public assistance, safer sex and risk reduction counseling, and referrals to HIV/STI testing and other medical and social services. Call (718) 808-1385 for more information/to schedule an intake. All counseling services provided are Free and Confidential.

Momentum Group:

A HIV/STI prevention-based educational group for young gay and bisexual men as well as trans women ages 16-24. Group members meet once a week and get to participate in interactive games and discussions revolving around sex.

HIV Counseling & Testing

Free and confidential rapid HIV testing for all individuals ages 13+. Referrals are also available to STI testing and other sexual health services. Call 718.808.1388 to make an appointment.

Callen-Lorde HOTT Mobile Medical Unit

On-site 2 Tuesdays a month to provide FREE medical services to LGBTQ-identified youth ages 13-24, including STI testing, family planning, vaccinations and general physicals/health visits.

Go to the Callen-Lord HOTT Mobile Medical Unit Page to make appointment.